Resort Housekeeping FAQ

Helpful answers to your Resort Housekeeping questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional resort housekeeping services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we have received. If you require further assistance, please contact our office.

+ How can we identify your housekeepers?

Every housekeeper and every supervisor will be in uniform, and will arrive in a logoed company vehicle. We do not allow housekeepers to use their personal vehicles, nor do we allow others (children, etc.) to accompany them while they are performing their duties.

+ Are units inspected?

Every unit is inspected by a qualified and experienced supervisor as soon as practicable after it is cleaned.

+ How do we communicate with the housekeepers and supervisors in the field?

Every supervisor has a cell phone, and those numbers are provided to the customers in addition to our own internal communications.

+ How and when do you report ready units?

Supervisors report each ready unit after inspection. The reports can be made by telephone or direct access to the customer computer program.

+ What do you provide for sheets, pillow cases, terry, and amenities?

We can provide all, nothing, or anything in between depending upon the preference of the customer. If we do provide linens, the amount provided and specifications for the general quality will be determined by mutual agreement between the Company and the Customer. We can also provide all paper products and "in room" amenities, as well as kitchen terry and amenities—again as a matter of agreement between the Company and the Customer.

+ Who handles callbacks?

In the rare circumstances of a callback, we will handle them promptly and without charge.

+ What about after hours emergencies?

We always have someone on call that will respond promptly, and the number of the person on call is given to every customer.

+ Are you insured?

The Company carries general liability insurance, liability umbrella insurance, workers' compensation insurance, vehicle insurance, and janitorial bond insurance, which covers breakage and proven theft. Most Customers are named as "Additional Named Insured" on our policies.

+ Do you offer a guarantee?

All of our work is guaranteed all of the time. If you are not genuinely satisfied with the work we do, we will return until you are.