Commercial Laundry FAQ

Helpful answers to your Commercial Laundry questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional cleaning and linen services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we have received. If you require further assistance, please contact our office.

+ What is your average turnaround time on rooms linens?

Nearly all of our major customers operate on a 24 hour turnaround time—what we pick up soiled today, we return clean tomorrow. Depending upon their requirements, many of our resort customers require only a 48 hour (or even longer) turnaround time. Tell us your requirements, and we will do our best to meet them.

+ Does washing in hot water really make a difference?

It makes all the difference. For more information, see the "Hot Water" icon in the laundry section of this web site.

+ What colors do you carry in your food and beverage linen choices?

We carry every common color, and many specialty colors, and we are happy to provide you with a color chart. If we don't carry a color you want, and you will use it consistently in your restaurant or resort, let us know and we'll order it.

+ How do you determine your chemical (soap, bleach, softener, etc.) mix?

We have weekly reviews with our chemical company to ensure our computers are injecting the precise mix of exactly the right chemicals into each load.

+ How do you charge for rooms (sheets, pillow cases, towels, wash cloths, etc.) linen?

In nearly every instance, billing is by weight at a specific rate per pound. Unlike some laundries, we charge by dry, or processed weight, i.e. after the goods have been processed and are dry, as opposed to when they enter the plant and may contain water or other heavy contaminants. Our scales are accurate and checked periodically, and a computer generated weight slip is attached to each container as it leaves the plant.

+ How do you charge for rental of food and beverage linen?

Food and beverage linen is billed by the piece for each item you order.