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Commercial Laundry Services


Meeting the highest industry standards.


From Hilton Head to Savannah, our commercial laundry, which does business as Commercial Linen Services, processes millions of pounds annually of the highest quality resort linens and food and beverage linens in the Lowcountry, both for our own internal needs and for a large number of area resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

We pick up, launder in 160° water with precise computer injected chemical formulas, dry, iron, fold, and deliver—all within 24 hours, seven days a week. Every piece of equipment in our multi-million dollar facility has backup, which means equipment failure will never delay your product delivery. We do not process health care linens, so there is no chance of cross contamination, and our quality control systems are among the best in the industry.

Here's another point to consider: commercial laundries that do both resort and health care linens are at risk for cross contamination of the goods owned or used by different customers. At Housekeeping Services, we have never and will never process health care linens, so there is no risk of cross contamination. During our processing, a carefully measured and computer injected chemical mix goes into every load based on its size and makeup, and those loads are processed for more than thirty minutes in water from a boiler that maintains a setting of 160°F. It's your best guarantee, and it's important.

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You know what we love about you guys? Everybody has problems, but when you have them you get them solved quickly! We’ve never had a more responsive business partner.
— J.H., Commercial Laundry Client


Rooms Linen


Laundry by the Millions

Sheets, pillow cases, towels, face cloths, and bath mats are the primary components of "rooms linen", and Housekeeping Services launders them by the millions. Computer controlled chemical injections (detergent, softeners, and bleach when required) and maximum agitating action in industry recommended water temperatures ensures the best possible cleaning combination for your guests. 

Sheets and pillow cases are ironed and folded for a crisp and clean appearance, and towels, wash cloths, and bath mats are folded and stacked. All are then placed neatly in sanitized containers for return to our customers. Our service typically includes pickup and delivery, with turnaround times designed to fit your schedule. 



Food & Beverage Linens

Housekeeping Services provides food and beverage linens for many of the area's best restaurants, clubs, and resorts from Hilton Head to Savannah, including Napkins in a wide variety of colors, Tablecloths in various sizes and colors, "Back of the House" aprons, Bar towels. We are proud to use exclusively the Milliken "Signature Series" products for all tablecloths and napkins. 



Water Temperature


Why Water Temperature Matters

Our 275 pound plus commercial washers are set up and controlled to wash laundry at approximately 160 degrees (vs the 110-120 degrees in the average laundry machine). Without getting overly scientific about it, there are basically 3 ways in which our higher water temperature increases the washing effectiveness - providing both cleaner looking sheets, towels, and food & beverage linens, and better disinfection of germs and blood borne pathogens that may be present:


First of all, the physics of the higher water temperature is that it lowers "surface tension" of the water so that the water soaks into fibers and soiled areas more readily. Second, the higher temperature water we use actually allows the fibers to separate so that any dirt can be released. And third, the bleach, detergent and softeners - which are consistently and programmatically released by our computer controlled machines - work more effectively in the higher water temperatures. 

Laundry needs to be processed in drums that are not too small, so that the water and other agents can circulate freely around the fabric for maximum cleaning. Small, home style machines run on regular laundry water temperatures are simply not designed to provide our higher level of clean. 

Water temperature in laundry does make a difference—actually, it makes all the difference in eliminating viruses, bacteria, blood borne pathogens, and bed bugs. The plain fact is this: without the proper chemical mix and water temperature, resorts, hotels, and property management companies run the risk of not controlling these issues in the linens used in their units and by their guests. As a point of reference, linens washed "in unit" will generally be processed in water at around 100 degrees F. without a significant chemical mix, and even small commercial machines typically used by most motels and resorts rarely use water approaching 100 to 120 degrees F, depending on their boiler/hot water heating systems.


Experts agree that in order to kill bacteria and other viruses on linen, laundry should be washed with detergent and bleach for (at least) 25 minutes in water that is heated to 160 degrees F. Studies have shown that bacteria, viruses, and even bed bugs cannot survive this water temperature or chemical mix.
— American Laundry News, February 2, 2013 


Commercial Laundry Equipment


Why Commercial Grade Equipment Matters

High volume capacity means we are capable of sorting, washing, drying, ironing and folding about 35,000 pounds of laundry (equivalent to 20,000 sheets) on our busiest days. This means we don't fall behind, even on the highest turn days in the summer. Our machines are computer controlled using 160 degree water - with precise amounts of detergent, bleach, and softener pre-formulated and dispensed for sheets, towels, food & beverage linens, etc... And, our machines are sized so that the laundry moves freely in the tub. Simply stated, your linens will come out cleaner and better sanitized than in a less professional facility.

We have a full time, highly experienced Laundry Manager on site, and technical support in house. This means we minimize downtime, and ensure that our high standards, and yours, are met consistently. Problems are resolved as they occur, and someone is paying attention - full time - to your laundry order.