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Celebrating 27 Years as
The Lowcountry's Best Cleaning Company

Housekeeping Services of Hilton Head, LLC is the Lowcountry's largest and most diverse cleaning company, providing resort housekeeping, residential maid service, business janitorial services, and carpet and window cleaning services. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, operating under the name of Commercial Linen Services, we offer large scale commercial laundry and food and beverage linen programs for the area's hotels, resorts, restaurants, and property management companies. All of these services are provided year round, seven days a week.

Our uniformed, insured, and bonded employees will arrive in clean and logoed vans—no personal vehicles causing security angst or sloppy looking housekeepers trying to deliver a less than sloppy product. As of 2011, we've delivered 99.6% of our assigned units on time, with average guest satisfaction scores in the highest percentile ranges. Read a message from the Owner here.

News and Tips

Why Hire Licensed, Bonded and Insured Cleaners

The decision to hire a housekeeper or a housekeeping company to come into your home periodically to clean is probably more complex than you think.  Issues such as trust, liability, insurance, and tax implications need to be considered and addressed.   Housekeeping Services of Hilton Head is here today to help you better understand the complexities of this business and process.   Read More →

New-Year Resolutions- Bathroom cleaning

A brand-new year stretches before us, along with a fresh resolve to improve our lives in one or two or many ways. If staying organized and running a clean, efficient home is on your list of resolutions, let help you keep your house a home. Having regularly scheduled cleaning frees you up for the umpteen things you'd rather be doing. We offer regular schedules of weekly, biweekly, and once every four weeks.   Read More →