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More Time To Do What You Love.

What would you do with an additional two, four, six , or more hours of time each month? Hiring a professional team of licensed, bonded and insured cleaners to clean your home allows you to do more of what you love. Instead of mopping floors and scrubbing toilets, spend time with your children, or on the golf course or the beach. Our affordable services are within reach. You will be surprised to learn our rates are affordable and we use only eco-safe products to keep you and your family healthy.

Our professional team is at your service.

During our in-home consultation, we will help you customize our services and prices to meet your needs. The in-home estimate, or consultation, is a very important step in establishing a baseline for ongoing cleaning services. We will peform a quick site inspection of your home to provide the best cleaning service options and rate.

What happens at our visit?

Our Residential Manager will walk through your home with you, taking notes about your rooms, surfaces, special instructions you have, flooring specifications, etc. Most importantly, we want to make sure you have all your questions answered, and feel comfortable working with us.


  • We will explain our services, what we do the first visit, and what is included in ongoing service.
  • We will take detailed notes about what is and is not to be done in the home. You may not need your lower level cleaned, or there may be a guest room that you would like us to skip. What ever the detail, we will make note of that for your home.
  • We ask you about your pets, entry to your home, and days that work best for cleaning for your family.
  • We will give you an estimate for your first cleaning.

What's next?

When you are ready, our Residential Manager will contact you about the next available first available cleaning dates. After your home has been cleaned, and you are pleased with the results, we will schedule you for ongoing services. Schedule your free residential cleaning evaluation today!