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Why Hire Licensed, Bonded and Insured Cleaners

The decision to hire a housekeeper or a housekeeping company to come into your home periodically to clean is probably more complex than you think.  Issues such as trust, liability, insurance, and tax implications need to be considered and addressed.   Housekeeping Services of Hilton Head is here today to help you better understand the complexities of this business and process.   Read More →

New-Year Resolutions- Bathroom cleaning

A brand-new year stretches before us, along with a fresh resolve to improve our lives in one or two or many ways. If staying organized and running a clean, efficient home is on your list of resolutions, let help you keep your house a home. Having regularly scheduled cleaning frees you up for the umpteen things you'd rather be doing. We offer regular schedules of weekly, biweekly, and once every four weeks.   Read More →

Why Water Temperature Matters

"Experts agree that in order to kill bacteria and other viruses on linen, laundry should be washed with detergent and bleach for (at least) 25 minutes in water that is heated to 160 degrees F. Studies have shown that bacteria, viruses, and even bed bugs cannot survive this water temperature or chemical mix." - American Laundry News, February 2, 2013  Read More →

Cleaning Made Easy

Setting up ongoing cleaning is simple. It starts with an email or a phone call to us, we will ask you a few questions about your home, what your are looking for, whether you have had cleaning service in the past. Who referred you? We will set up an in home consultation/estimate so we can customize your cleaning to your unique home, and give you specific pricing information. The first visit to your home is to get everything clean and ready for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service. This First Time Clean is a larger clean, we will have 2 staff members cleaning, and we charge hourly for this visit. We will look at your home with you to determine what needs to be done.  Read More →

Selling Your Home?

Whether listing with a Realtor, or listing your home yourself, presentation is everything. We will help you by doing a deep clean throughout the home before your open house, and keeping it clean on an ongoing basis for showings. If you are in the midst of moving to a new home, your focus will most likely be on your destination-where you're going, not where you're leaving. Unfortunatley, you're not paying much attention to the old homestead, with its all-too-familiar stains, spots, and smears. You hardly even see them anymore, but you can be sure that landlords, brokers and potential buyers will notice.  Read More →